For those who have always dreamed of paddling an authentic birchbark canoe, need a gift for someone special or just want to play, two are available (in choice of styles):

One Person Canoe
12' Length
$4,499.00 U.S.


Two Person Canoe
15' Length
$5,499.00 U.S.

You can customize your canoe with the following features:

Special lacing

Carved crossbars



• "Winterbark" hulls
or side panels, and
decorative motifs


• Plank seats


• Hand carved paddles

Tom Byers also builds to specification reproductions of tribal styles or fur trade canoes
for the discriminating collectors, museum replicas or for historical re-enactments.

One on One Courses

One on One courses are available starting at $1800.00 U.S.,
which take about 7 to 10 days and you keep the canoe.

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Tom Byers
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